Boost Your Swing. Anywhere.


After many years of analysis, trial, and testing we realized that a single, absolute, ideal swing does not exist. That said, eight years of analyzing over one million golf swings and consulting with a number of the world’s top teaching professionals led us to the conclusion that there is a commonality and convergence of body movements that form the “ultimate swing”; one that excels and reigns supreme over the competition. A universal swing model. And from that realization, Golf Boost AI was formed.

We have developed, patented, and are now thrilled to offer you the most advanced swing analysis technology in golf. Our algorithms detect the body position and analyze your golf swing using this highly-refined AI (artificial intelligence) technology. The AI captures all the relevant data from your swing video and then presents a personalized lesson catered to each golfer. The conclusion is the ultimate swing analysis and virtual instruction system for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Since each of us is a unique being, Golf Boost AI adapts to each golfer individually.

The sophisticated software takes into consideration the golfers height, build, and playing level in order to return the ideal solution for your swing. This is an incredibly convenient and cost-effective tool for golfers of all skill levels to improve their swings and a great way to get a non-golfer interested in the game and comfortable with their swing before first heading out onto the course.

And we’ve only just gotten started so try this today – there’s so much more to come!

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